Trains, Planes And Technology

Nowadays, technology is everywhere.  Remember those days where all you played with were model trains and planes and you pretended that they could actually fly and wheel around?  Now, you see children playing on their iPhones and iPads.  New ways of inventing technology has grown to be the number one goal of our society.  Students now all want to take engineering when they go off to college instead of medicine and law.  Engineering is dominating in the highest employment rate of any university program because there is a demand for developers and programmers.


Everyone is searching for the new product or trying to invent an app or some new type of technology.  It’s important we understand where we’re headed.  We headed to the future to try to make things easier for everyone.  We want to be as efficient as possible and create a better standard of living for everyone.  Eventually that will happen, but in the meantime, I still hope to see some kids play with toy trains and planes.